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If your business operates internationally, your revenue may be impacted

Since the EU referendum, currency markets and the British pound in particular, have been intrinsically tied to Brexit. Therefore, if your business imports or exports internationally, or has global suppliers, then your bottom line could be affected by the UK's departure and subsequent currency fluctuations. 

Receive the market knowledge and guidance you need right now with the Moneycorp Brexit Resource Hub, and navigate the choppy waters of foreign exchange with our team of dedicated dealers, on hand to support businesses with FXglobal payment solutions and risk management.

Daily updates to stay informed on Brexit and currency news

Surging Dollar raises investor caution amid geopolitical tensions

Stay informed about the latest economic developments in the UK, Eurozone and the US. Get insights into key indicators and currency trends in this comprehensive economic update blog....

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Brexit blogs and editorial recommendations

Beyond Brexit Guide

Discover the opportunities and challenges that have been created for UK businesses in a post-Brexit landscape.

Beyond Brexit Guide
Alternative markets to consider post-Brexit

Alternative markets to consider for suppliers post-Brexit

Ongoing Brexit negotiations and current uncertainty surrounding the future trade landscape means businesses should be considering their global supply chain.

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Risky business - 3 tips on how to protect your business

Risky business -3 tips on how to protect your business

Businesses needs to protect themselves from potential market fluctuations and volatility. From knowing your points of risk, to understanding hedging, discover 3 easy tips here.

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An introduction to foreign exchange

Our foreign exchange solutions for your business

Foreign exchange solutions for your business

Read our brochure covering bespoke FX tools businesses can take advantage of before Brexit.

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Understanding the cost of currency volatility

Understanding the cost of currency volatility

How can fluctuations in the markets impact your money?

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Assessing currency risk for your business

Assessing currency risk for your business

Discover the currency exposure of your business and how you could mitigate risk.

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 The Brexit Enquiry


Learn more about the critical negotiations between the UK and EU over a post-Brexit trade deal. MD of moneycorp UK Lee McDarby is joined by business and economic expert Vicky Pryce and former Irish politician and former European Commissioner for International Market Services, Charlie McCreevy. 

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