Beyond Brexit

Did we really think it would all be over after a deal was reached?

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Businesses across the UK faced unparalleled challenges last year, with currency volatility at an all-time high. We saw GBP/EUR swing by 12% between the peaks and troughs of Jan-Dec 2020, and GBP/USD doing much the same, changing by 18% in the same time period.

There will be many challenges that businesses face as they get to grips with the realities of Brexit. But separating from the EU also presents many opportunities, as our guide demonstrates.

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As we are here to serve UK businesses whilst helping them to thrive internationally, we have worked with renowned journalist Elizabeth Anderson to pull together the detail and inform of the changes ahead, and to discuss how businesses can prepare and establish themselves for future growth. We’ll pick out new trading and supply chain opportunities with countries across the world and discuss how firms can protect themselves against risk and volatility.

Included in the guide is information on: 

• What you need to know on the deal

• Potential future trade with the EU & other countries 

• How currencies may be impacted 

Download the guide now 

The situation of figuring out our place in a post-Brexit landscape, coupled with the ever still present Covid-19 crisis, has however demonstrated the importance of collaboration and ongoing resilience. Discover the Brexit Resource Hub to view all our Brexit-related resources and support. 




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