Currency exchange for the Fashion industry

Currency exchange for the Fashion industry

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Save time and money on foreign exchange and global payments within the fashion industry

Fashion is one of the most globalised industries in the world, with a very high pace due to constantly changing consumer trends, and is similarly affected by the foreign exchange market, which constantly fluctuates due to economic and political uncertainty.

It might come as no surprise then, that the challenges that foreign exchange can pose play a huge role for international businesses within the fashion industry.


Foreign exchange and fashion

Changes in the foreign exchange market can prove crucial to the profits of an international business, with the importing of textiles, the logistics of exporting and the costs of converting foreign revenue all subject to huge fluctuations in value.

Paying suppliers from different countries is also something that international fashion companies will need to take into consideration, with competitive prices often increasing demand for foreign imports.

When making multiple global payments to suppliers and exchanges of revenue from international buyers, you will need to be sure your business is getting the most from its money.


How we can help

At moneycorp, our team of experienced foreign exchange specialists work with a large number of businesses within the fashion industry, assessing their foreign exchange needs and proposing customised solutions to help protect their bottom line.

You can rely on our team of specialists for guidance through the foreign exchange market, competitive rates and low transfer fees, ensuring your international payment needs are met.

What we can offer your business

Risk management expertise

Easy upload functionality for mass payments

Send payments in 120+ currencies

Market updates to keep you informed of the currency movements

Great FX rates through 14+ liquidity providers

Competitive pricing giving you access to more than 14 liquidity providers

6.5m transactions in 2017

Exchange more than 122 currencies

Our business client, Nick Stavrakakis at Indigofera shared:

Our business client, Nick Stavrakakis at Indigofera shared:

"moneycorp helped us get through the most volatile period and now as soon as we need to hedge we get info from our dealers, wait for the right time and book at the highest peaks for that short period.”

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Foreign Exchange Solutions

Foreign Exchange Solutions

Our team will work with you to identify your individual requirements and be able to suggest products including Spot Contracts, Market Orders, Forward Contracts to meet your foreign exchange needs.

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Risk Management

Risk Management

Protect your business from foreign exchange market volatility, forecast cash flows and minimise risk with our range of hedging tools. 

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Payment Solutions

We provide payment solutions for businesses with local or international requirements, who are looking to simplify the process and cut on-going costs. 

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