Partnering with moneycorp

We work with hundreds of private and corporate partners to offer their clients and members services that range from online travel money to high-volume business foreign exchange.

All of my clients find this very reassuring, as there are no hard sell pressure tactics used. It is also very good for my business as it enhances my reputation as well.

John Kilroy
Alcarez Real Estate

We have a highly experienced dedicated business-to-business team in the foreign exchange industry, and provide dedicated account managers to all key partnerships.

There are three types of partner service we offer:

1. Personal Client Money Transfer

Our Money Transfer services are particularly relevant if you have customers who are: Buying or selling a property abroad Making overseas mortgage payments Sending pension income overseas  Emigrating Typical partners in this category include property agents, emigration agents, banks, relocation companies, recruiters, banks, visa sponsors, and travel companies.
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2. Business Foreign Exchange

If your clients are also businesses, we provide a range of commercial foreign exchange services to suit organizations of all sizes. Whether you simply want to enhance your client proposition, or you’d like to take advantage of an additional revenue stream, partnering with moneycorp can benefit your business in a number of ways.

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3. Online Travel Money

We also offer online travel money solutions for partners which can be either white label, co-branded or just directly referred clients. More information.