For the first time since 1945, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day fall on the same date this year. While some may be debating fasting or drinking champagne, we say embrace this rare confluence and fall in love with our exchange rates and give up excessive fees at the same time. It’s a match made in heaven!

Valentines Lent

Giving up excessive fees

Chocolate, alcohol, crisps—instead of opting for the obvious, why not use lent to abstain from something that could potentially lead to good, money-saving habits?

Lent is a great excuse to look at alternative ways to save on international money transfers, especially if you’re thinking of joining the 1.3 million Brits who already live abroad and need to pay housing deposits or fees. If you regularly send international payments to family and friends overseas, you could also benefit from cutting out the excessive fees attached to each transfer you make.

Although it might be tempting to turn to your local high-street bank in search of better deals, you may find it beneficial to resist. In some cases they can charge up to £40 per transaction, which could potentially cost you a lot if you’re making regular transfers to loved ones overseas.

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Fall in love with competitive exchange rates

It’s not unusual for currency exchange rates to fluctuate, but the UK’s breakup with the EU and subsequent on-going negotiations have had a considerable impact on the pound in recent months, disrupting international payment plans and making it extremely challenging to get value for money.

The UK enjoyed 0.5% economic growth in the final quarter of 2017 and is predicted to remain on an upward trend, with economists stating that demand for UK trade, higher interest rates and the likelihood of a ‘soft Brexit’ are behind the spike.

Although this is welcome news, it also means that exchange rates for imminent money transfers could be potentially less profitable than those in the coming months. It’s also worth noting that today’s favourable predictions all hang on successful Brexit talks, which can easily disintegrate. At a time when every penny counts, it has never been more crucial to rely on the guidance of an expert. 

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* Based on an exchange rate comparison taken on January 26th 2018 between RBS, HSBC, Barclays and Lloyds. Moneycorp’s rate is estimated based on the average margin applied to £/€ foreign exchange contracts for £100,000 entered into via telephone on January 26th 2018. Please note that there are additional costs with the service. Moneycorp transfer fees are from £5 online and cost £15 over the phone, compared with high-street banks who can charge up to £40.

moneycorp is a trading name of TTT Moneycorp Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services. All relevant customer funds are safeguarded in segregated client bank accounts.