The International Property Swap

With property prices spiralling out of control across the UK and house prices within London set to rise by more than 30% in the next five years, it is no wonder over 2 million British citizens of working age have decided to become expats in the last decade. Despite these figures, many still consider the possibility of moving abroad to be a daunting and unrealistic prospect and most worry about leaving secure jobs and family behind.

However, have you ever wondered what you could afford for the price of your current UK property? Do you have a house you’ve always dreamed of owning overseas? Whether it’s a beach villa in Thailand or a rustic Tuscan Farmhouse, we thought you might like to explore the options available if you were to swap your UK property for one of a similar value abroad.

Click and check out our brand new International Property Swap infographic below to find out what you could afford.

infographic header