With our annual Christmas blowout out of the way and the New Year looming large over us, many people's thoughts will have already turned to where their money's going to come from in 2015. UK property prices have soared over the last couple of years, though there are signs that this growth is tailing off. Alternatively, there's always money to be made in overseas property provided you know where to look - but the tricky task is identifying those property hotspots before they really take off.

Fear not, though, because we've gazed into our crystal ball to see just which locations are likely to be sought-after among overseas property gurus in 2015.

To say that Spain has had a difficult few years since the onset of the 2008 global financial crisis would be a major understatement. The property market bust which followed the pre-GFC boom was a particularly nasty one, leaving the Spanish financial system in tatters. On the upside, though, the severity of the crash means there are some real bargains to be had in the Spanish property market. What's more, the country seems to be showing some tentative signs of an economic recovery - tourism is back on the up, and the eurozone seems to be through the very worst of its crisis.

Another eurozone country emerging as an overseas property hotspot is Italy. In spite of the economic malaise of recent years, Italy's property market has been the subject of increasing attention from buyers over the last few years - a pattern that seems set to continue into 2015. As with Spain, there are many bargains on offer in Italy as many regions saw property prices fall sharply after 2008. It's well worth taking a closer look at property in Tuscany and the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, in particular. The mounting interest in Italian property suggests that a renewed surge in prices could be just around the corner - so now could be the perfect time to get in on the action.

Bulgaria’s steadily improving economy lends the country to being a great place to invest in property during 2015. Those interested in skiing should look to invest in property close to the resorts and will find it more reasonably priced than those in the country’s capital, Sofia. With property prices set to increase, it is worth investing now to reap the benefits.

A perennial favourite among British expats and holidaymakers alike, France is generally regarded as a safe when it comes to overseas property - and with good reason. The French property market has slowed a tad in recent years, but this is promising from a buyer's perspective as sellers may be more likely to listen to lower offers. It's also worth noting that in France too mortgage rates are likely to remain low for some time to come, which again is likely to serve buyers well.