Chinese New Year is a major celebration across the world. While Western New Year celebrates the passing of a calendar year and symbolises a fresh start, the Chinese New Year is a time to honour ancient deities and ancestors. It is often a time when families reconnect over a meal, after first cleansing their homes to sweep out any ill-fortune.

Chinese New Year 2018

We are entering the year of the dog; specifically as the Chinese zodiac also reflects a range of elements, the year of the earth dog. According to astrology, this is a good time to make changes – it is a time to reject indifference and embrace hope. It is also said to be a year for solidarity and family relationships are important.

Embracing traditions

Chinese New Year is a time to reconnect with family; perhaps it’s time to visit relatives overseas, or get together somewhere exotic to reconnect over a new adventure. Perhaps you can get together with your extended family to invest in a property overseas that you can all enjoy. This is a great way to own property overseas that also gives you a good reason and affordable option for regular get-togethers.

If you already own a property overseas, another tradition for this time of year is to clean their homes to sweep out any ill-fortunate. This could be an opportunity to carry out some renovations on your property; not only could this potentially add to the value in the long term, starting now means that by the summer you could be enjoying the benefits of a brand new sun deck or hot tub at your holiday retreat.

Chinese New Year all over the world

If next year you want to take part in the celebrations but aren’t sure if you can join the party without speaking Chinese, it might be worth looking into some of the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations in English-speaking countries. . Australia has one of the largest Chinese populations outside of Asia and the event in Sydney alone attracts over 600, 000 people. The largest – and oldest - event outside of Asia takes place in San Francisco, California. The New Year Festival and Parade attracts people from across the world and is the largest Asian cultural event in North America.

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