The NZ Dollar's performance for the week as a whole was slightly below average, in that the majority of major currencies did better than the Kiwi. It did however add a third of a US cent and picked up two and a quarter cents against the Pound. Looking at 2016 as a whole shows the Kiwi in a better light. It strengthened by a net 1.6% against the US Dollar and added 40 cents against Sterling, 18.5%. It almost goes without saying that the Pound was the year's weakest performer. It fell by an average of 17.6% against the other dozen most actively-traded currencies.

The two-day Christmas break, and the fact that many market participants took the other three days as holiday, did nothing to boost turnover or liquidity. As for economic data, New Zealand is never the most prolific ecostat generator and in the last seven days precisely none were released.