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Pack your bags if you know what happiness is to you

Author: moneycorp bloggers Date: 26th April 2017


The World Happiness Index has been developed by the UN and demonstrates the impact that the place where we live has on our happiness.

While the index could be used as a guide on the best places in the world to live, these are often expensive options. Money may not buy you happiness and financial worry can certainly detract from it. When you’re looking for the best place to emigrate from the UK, it’s worth remembering your reasons for moving. For some, a more temperate climate or a slower pace of life may be the goal, and for others, the chance to develop a vibrant career or embrace a new adventure may hold more appeal. 

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Here are some of the reasons people from the UK decide to pack their bags and move abroad:

1. Affordable property – Many Brits are finding that an investment in property overseas is not only within reach, it can be an investment with additional lifestyle benefits.

2. Geoarbitrage – An increasing number of professionals telecommute to a job in the UK and leverage the additional value of a first-world wage in a third-world country. 

3. Investing in a career – The latest Expat Explorer survey from HSBC showed that Hong Kong and Singapore topped the best places for career development, whilst across Europe many expats are reporting an improved work-life balance.

4. Education – Many British students opt for English-speaking courses with significantly lower tuition fees and others prefer the immersive approach and move overseas in part to learn a new language.

5. Health – A recent survey from health insurer AXA PPP International showed that 61% of ex-pats felt that their physical health improved when they moved abroad, and 64% felt that their mental health improved. 

6. Climate – Often people from Britain move to warmer or more temperate climates, which is perhaps part of the reason for reported improvements in their physical and mental health.

7. Culture and Cuisine – Most local cuisines are likely to be much healthier than the carbohydrate-rich British diet and are often coupled with a slower and more respectful culture towards many aspects of life from food to family.

8. Adventure – Some people seek to fulfil a long-held sense of adventure and discover more of the world and themselves.

As a specialist provider, moneycorp offers a range of currency exchange solutions to clients who need to transfer money across borders to support a career move, purchase or maintain a property overseas. Our clients benefit from no hidden fees, market guidance and the fact that all client funds are safeguarded. That’s how we work towards contributing to our customers’ happiness, wherever in the world they may find it. 

moneycorp is a trading name of TTT Moneycorp Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services. All customer funds are safeguarded in segregated client bank accounts.


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