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I do, I do, I do, I do, I do

Author: moneycorp bloggers


June is a peak month for weddings and so it seems like a good time to look into weddings abroad and the value of a wedding planner to keep the romance without breaking the budget.

Despite a belief that wedding planners are only for more expensive and elaborate weddings, many couples find it is a way to manage both their budget and their time, and this goes double when planning a wedding overseas. Of course, thinking about a budget and project management may not seem romantic – but neither is an overdraft or endless arguments over catering choices and where to seat people. Whether you decide to work with a planner who can take a lot of the headache out of the organisation or prefer to take care of it all yourself, it’s wise to set expectations early.

Recent research by the wedding planning website Bridebook found that on average, a wedding in the UK cost £27,000 – and reached a high of £38,000 in London. Some couples find cheaper options by getting married abroad, but again this only really delivers value if it’s properly planned. Last minute trips to organise a supplier, flight and baggage costs, all these can add up and might lead to a pile of unexpected bills greeting you after your honeymoon.

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Unless you opt for a package deal, a wedding overseas may seem simpler but it comes with its own challenges. There are local suppliers to work with – and you can’t just pop in and check on the details if it’s a flight away. Aspects such as these where a wedding planner can help with an overseas wedding by putting you in touch with trusted suppliers, managing all the back and forth to ensure every detail is taken care of and providing vital background information on any legal requirements.

A wedding is a happy time, designed to celebrate the commitment and bright future of two people. Too often the event can be overshadowed by other concerns, but working with specialists might cut down on the stress. Just as a wedding planner can offer insight and knowledge which will save you time and money, our expertise and products can help you make overseas payments and budget in confidence, wherever in the world you decide to say I do

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