Hiscox client offer – Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer will run up until 30th March 2015 (the “Offer Period”).
  2. To be eligible for this offer, you must:

  3. (i)    be a customer referred by Hiscox Underwriting Limited (“Hiscox”) to TTT Moneycorp Limited (“Moneycorp”/”us”); and
    (ii)   Open an account with TTT Moneycorp Limited within the Offer Period. 
  4. Subject to clause 2 above, this offer entitles you to book your first commercial foreign exchange transaction (“Transaction”) with Moneycorp without incurring a transfer fee when you book the Transaction over the phone or online at www.moneycorp.com. You will also be entitled, for as long as your account is active, to book all subsequent Transactions without incurring a transfer fee when you book a Transaction online only. For the avoidance of doubt, a transfer fee will be charged on all subsequent Transactions booked by you over the telephone.
  5. The entitlement to this Offer is personal to the individual to whom it is awarded and this entitlement cannot be transferred to any other individual or their successors in title. If the entitlement is awarded to Joint Account holders then the entitlement only applies to that account.
  6. There is no cash or credit alternative.
  7. Any entitlement to this Offer is always subject to the Moneycorp Account Agreement terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.
  8. Moneycorp will not be liable:
    (a) for unsuccessful attempts to enter into Transactions during the Offer Period due to your error or omission;
    (b) for circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Moneycorp which prevents us from fulfilling a Transaction during the Offer Period;
    (c) for circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Moneycorp which prevents us from fulfilling the Incentive;
    (d) in the event that the law or any regulatory guidance prevents us from continuing to offer the Incentive.
  9. Moneycorp reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to withdraw, amend or vary the terms of this Offer at any time and you agree that no liability shall attach to Moneycorp as a result thereof.
  10. This Offer is not open to Moneycorp employees or other members of staff or any member of their immediate family, namely a spouse, child, sibling or parent.
  11. Moneycorp is committed to protecting customers’ personal data. Please refer to the privacy policy on the Moneycorp website – www.moneycorp.com.
  12. These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. A reference to ‘we’ or ‘us’ is a reference to TTT Moneycorp Limited (company number 738837) whose registered office is at 2 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9LA.