FX Brokers

We work with a host of FX brokers who have a cash requirement but are keen to avoid the cost of managing the supply for themselves.

Many find it more convenient and cost-effective to trust Moneycorp to take care of this on their behalf.

The services we provide include:

  • Trading and delivery services available 6 days a week, including most UK bank holidays.
  • Out-of-hours emergency trading service.
  • Bespoke sterling banking services, as well as bulk cash banknote and coins facilities.
  • Fully insured delivery and collection services in Central London, usually within 2 hours.
  • Fully insured delivery and collection services elsewhere in the UK (mainland), normally on a next-day basis.
  • Trading in nearly 100 currencies (including sterling) with stocks available in most denominations in mint, ATM and used condition.
  • Supply and encashment of travellers cheques, bankers’ drafts and other monetary instruments in most major currencies.
  • Telephone-based and online same-day spot FX services, with fast electronic worldwide payments and guaranteed value dates.
  • Cross- and same-currency settlements in cash or by bank transfer.

To find out more about our wholesale currency services please call 0800 910 1607.