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Phones and tablets are becoming vital elements to pack on holiday

Author: moneycorp bloggers Date: 3rd May 2017


A holiday is meant to be a chance to get away from it all, but it appears Brits abroad can’t be without their smartphones. Amongst the top ten best gadgets to take on holiday, a recent article in PC Advisor magazine  highlighted the value of phone chargers, tablets and overseas wifi packages to avoid data roaming charges. It doesn’t necessarily mean that holidaymakers are missing out; there are many ways to use a device to enhance your holiday, rather than detract from it.

Travel guides and maps are a useful resource to carry electronically. Not only are they less bulky than their paper counterparts, but many travel apps are responsive and can direct travellers to must-see destinations and provide the latest information on events in the area. Using a map application on a mobile device usually incorporates navigation, so you can plot your route on foot, in the car or via public transport, whether you want to plan ahead or receive directions in real time based on your location.

A device might also help to facilitate better engagement with the place you’re visiting thanks to the range of language and translation services. Apps such as Duolingo  provide a fun and easy way to brush up on your language skills before you travel. If you don’t get the chance to learn ahead of your trip, an app like google translate will allow you to scan and translate text and images, which means no more puzzling over the menu in a restaurant. 

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A phone might also provide practical support to avoid something which could otherwise ruin a holiday. For example, there are a number of apps available which can provide recommendations of how long you can spend in the sun based on your skin type and location. Some even issue reminders of when to reapply sun cream and UV forecasts for your location, ensuring that your time abroad isn’t ruined by sunburn.

For a more convenient and secure option than carrying currency with you, pre-paid cards like the explorer multi-currency Mastercard® are a must for managing your holiday money. The chip and PIN-protected card is not linked to your bank account and charges no fees on purchases made outside the UK. You can track your expenditure via the moneycorp app and load more funds  if needed. For the long-term traveller, there is even the option to move leftover currency from one currency to another, meaning you can still have access to your travel money, wherever you find yourself.

Next time you see someone staring at a phone screen when you’re on holiday, don’t automatically assume they’re tuned out. They might be just the person to speak to in order to get directions or tell you exactly what’s in that delicious pool-side cocktail.

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