Buyback Guarantee

Buyback Guarantee

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Our Buyback Guarantee means you can take as much travel money as you need for your trip, safe in the knowledge you can return any unspent currency at the same rate.

Have you ever come home from a holiday or business trip with a little more foreign currency than you expected?  Yes, we have all been there.  At moneycorp, we take the hassle out of working out how much you need before you leave and the added worry of losing even more when you convert it back.

With moneycorp’s buy-back guarantee, for a small fixed fee, we lock-in the rate when you buy your travel money.  When you come home, we will buy your currency back for exactly the same rate you bought it.  No more commission, exchange rate losses or hassle of exchanging money abroad.

From just £3.99 you can secure your rate with peace of mind – just ask one of our cashiers when you visit one of our branches*. 

For your unspent currency, we will:

•    Buy it back at the same rate that you bought it.

•    Not charge any commission.

•    Free Buyback guarantee when you order £500 or more.

To use Buyback Guarantee, simply ask one of our cashiers before starting your transaction in-branch. Discover our range of branches here.

Please note: Buyback Guarantee is not available on all currencies.

*Terms and conditions apply.