Red explorer Mastercard®

Please click here to read our communication regarding the closure of the Red Explorer Card

Red explorer Mastercard®


Why are you closing down the card?

Since 2014, Moneycorp has gradually exited its retail operations, closing 77 branches including sites at Oxford Street, Heathrow Airport and Stansted Airport. The last remaining retail site within Gatwick Airport closed earlier this year, marking an end to the Group’s retail franchise and an important step in its evolution from a UK foreign exchange business to a global payments and banking services provider. As part of this strategic change, the decision has been taken to close down the Explorer card products. Please click on the relevant card product below to understand the steps available to you. 

What is a Mastercard foreign exchange rate?

Where we refer to a Mastercard foreign exchange rate, this is the rate set by Mastercard and may vary throughout the day. You can check our foreign exchange rates and how they compare to the European Central Bank rates at

When is the last day I can load my card?

You can continue to load your card until the 29th November 2022