Open Banking at Moneycorp

As an Account Servicing Payment Service Provider (ASPSP) Moneycorp is using Open Banking to provide access to Third Party Providers (TPPs) to account information and payment initiation services in accordance with the PSD2 Regulations. At this point in time these Open Banking APIs are available for Moneycorp International Payments and Moneycorp explorer multi-currency Mastercard accounts.

Account Information Services & Payment Initiation APIs

Both the Account Information interface and the Payment Initiation interface are being provided using v3.1 of the Open Banking Read/Write Data API Specifications – click here for details.

Client Authentication

A browser based Redirect method will be used for client authentication, both during the consent process and during any subsequent authentication. The user experience for the client authentication process will be exactly the same as for clients that are logging in to the dedicated interface, with the addition of Open Banking-mandated consent journey elements at the end. Following the completion of the authentication process, there will be the playback of the consent request for the client to verify, along with account selection.

Technical Information

OAuth2 Discovery Endpoint

The URL for the Moneycorp OAUTH2 .well-known endpoint is as follows:

TPP Registration

All Third Party Providers must be registered by the relevant National Competent Authority (NCA) and enrolled on the Open Banking Directory. Open Banking Independent Entity (OBIE) will provide TPP’s with an SSA (a JSON Web Token (JWT) containing client metadata about TPP client software signed by the OpenBanking Directory). To register to use moneycorp’s APIs a TPP should email us at and provide their SSA.


A sandbox environment is available for testing purposes prior to consuming our production APIs. To request access to our sandbox please email us at


If you have any technical queries or require technical support in regard to moneycorp’s Open Banking APIs please email us at

API performance statistics

In accordance with PSD2 requirements we publish statistics quarterly regarding the relative performance of Moneycorp’s Open Banking APIs vs our dedicated online interface.