How much do you know about Europe’s hidden gem?

How much do you know about Europe’s hidden gem?

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Where to go in Cyprus?

With over 300 days of sunshine in a year, Cyprus has more than double the amount of sunny days we receive in the UK, which makes this Eastern Mediterranean country the perfect place to visit this summer. 


What to do in Nicosia

The capital of Cyprus, here you will find plenty of cafes and museums which will offer you a sense of city life and the chance to explore the historical side of Cyprus.

Visit the Cyprus Museum where you can explore artefacts from the Stone Age and Ancient Roman period including jewellery, statues and much more. When visiting the museum be sure to check out the royal tombs of Salamis.

Sculpture of Salamis

Ledra Street is Nicosia’s main shopping area and if you get a chance indulge in Cyprus’ unique coffee then this is the place to do it. 

Here is how Cypriot coffee is made:

1. Brewed in a large saucepan over a stove

2. Add sugar to the coffee powder and water whilst the water is cold

Some tips for your coffee:

1. You will be asked if you want it either glykis (sweet), metrios (medium) or sketos (unsweetened). We recommend having glykis as Cypriot coffee is very strong.

2. Once you finish your coffee, there could be some left over residue, do not drink this.


What to do in Ayia Napa

One of the most visited areas on the eastern coast of Cyprus, Ayia Napa is known for its nightlife, but also offers beautiful beaches and scenery around the city.  Therefore, if you do get bored of the hustle and bustle we suggest visiting Cape Greco or the Troodos Mountains. 

Cape Greco is famous for its incredible views and sea caves. Explore many trails to discover picturesque scenery, or try hiring a bike to explore the surrounding areas, including the Kamara tou Koraka Bridge.  If somehow you get tired of beaches, spend the day exploring the Troodos Mountains. If you access the tallest peak, Mount Olympus, you can visit its hidden churches and monasteries.


What to do in Paphos

The birthplace of the mythical god Aphrodite, Paphos is home to other archaeological sites including Kato Archaeology Park and St Paul’s Pillar. 

Families or thrill seekers should definitely visit Aphrodite Water Park. It’s largest water park in Cyprus, featuring 17 attractions. For adrenaline junkies try going on the high speed plunges, and for the non-adrenaline seekers relax on the Lazy River, a slow ride which will floats beneath waterfalls and fountains.

Paphos Water Park - Limassol

Popular food in Cyprus 

Meze is a popular and delicious traditional Greek cuisine. A Meze traditionally means appetiser but in Cyprus it’s a big meal. This popular food in Cyprus is presented in a platter, in which you can indulge in cheese, vegetables and meats such as keftedes (meatballs), loukaniko (sausages) and kebabs.

When visiting Cyprus here are some helpful tips to help you:

- Natives speak a mix of Greek, Turkish and English.

- They drive on the left

- Currency: Euro

Meze, Limassol, Paphos

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