Top Scariest US destinations to visit at Halloween

Top Scariest US destinations to visit at Halloween

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Every year on the 31st October millions of people around the world celebrate Halloween. America is home to plenty of haunted locations so if you’re heading to the US during Halloween, here are some spooky spots to visit… if you are brave enough.

Estes Hotel, Colorado

Situated in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Estes Hotel is like no other haunted hotel. The Estes hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shining’, which was later adapted into film by Stanley Kubrick in 1980, hence the hotel also being referred to as the Stanley Hotel. 

It is claimed you can experience paranormal activity in the following rooms: 201, 401 and 428, the concert hall, the grand suitcase and the vortex (the staircase between the floors in the main guesthouse).

Whilst there, you might want to try the Night Spirit Tour. where you can visit supposed haunted rooms and hidden areas in the hotel. 

The Sgining moneycorp

Manchac Swamp - Louisana

30 minutes northwest of New Orleans is the Manchac swamp. Known as the haunted swamp, there are two creatures you need to look out for: the ghost of Julia Brown and the Rougarou.   

Julia Brown, who can also referred to as Julia White or Black, was a voodoo priestess. Julia is known for enchanting her victims and for claiming that when she died, the rest of the world would burn with her.

Also lurking in the swampy waters, you may find the Rougarou, a creature which is a descendant of a werewolf. Be careful not to be pulled into the swamp by this bloodthirsty demon.

Manchac Swamps

Salem, Massachusetts

Infamous for the witch trials that saw 20 people executed for the alleged practising of witchcraft between 1692 and 1693.

Salem is situated in the North east of America and every Halloween sees Salem transform itself into a scarefest. With attractions like the Chamber of Terrors and the Salem Time Machine, you're sure to be in for a fright. 

If you are brave enough, you could try attempting one of the Escape Rooms. But be wary, as there is legend of a dark raven’s spell that could be cast on you if you don’t pass successfully.

Salem, Massachusetts witch house

If you would like to know more about scary places to visit, including places in Europe, check out our blog; ‘Holidays for Halloween fans’.

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