La Tomatina - Spain's largest food fight

La Tomatina - Spain's largest food fight

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Guide to the ultimate food fight

Ever wanted to recreate the school time fun of a food fight? Well, this bank holiday you can, with just a quick journey to Buñol, Spain! This quirky town, near Valencia, is famous for its annual celebration La Tomatina; the world’s biggest tomato food fight.  

What is La Tomatina

Founded in the late 1940’s, the origins of La Tomatina remain unclear. One theory suggests a local food fight amongst friends, while another theory suggests La Tomatina happened because of an aftermath of a food lorry accidentally falling over, which lead to citizens throwing the spilled food at each other.

When is La Tomatina celebrated in Spain?

This year, La Tomatina takes place in Buñol on Wednesday 28th August.

How is La Tomatina celebrated?

The proceedings begin at 11am in the centre of Buñol and traditionally does not start until a participant achieves the Palojabon – ascending a slippery pole with a Spanish ham on the top. Whoever retrieves this ham from the top gets to keep it, however it hasn’t actually been retrieved for a number of years now.

If no one retrieves the Palojabon, La Tomatina begins with the firing of water cannons and continues for an hour. 

How to get to Buñol

The town of Buñol is located west of Valencia and can easily be reached from Valencia’s airport. From there, you can either catch a train, coach or taxi.

As there is only one hotel in the town of Buñol, most participants stay in Valencia, so it can be a good idea to find accommodation there and book a transfer for La Tomatina.

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What are the rules of La Tomatina?

If you are taking part in La Tomatina, here are some rules you will need to abide by:

- No throwing of bottles

- No throwing of hard objects

- No ripping other participants’ clothing

- Squash your tomato before throwing it

- Maintain a safe distance from vehicles

- After the second siren, stop throwing your tomatoes

What to wear for La Tomatina:

- Old clothes

- Closed shoes (avoid flip-flops or sandals)

If you are a glasses wearer, make sure to protect your glasses during the event, or wear a more durable set of spectacles. 

Useful Spanish phrases:

How much is it? - ¿Cuánto cuesta?

How do I get to the Tomatina? - ¿Cómo se llega a la Tomatina?

How do I take part? - ¿Qué tengo que hacer para participar?

What time does the Tomatina start? – ¿A qué hora empieza la Tomatina?

I need to have a drink - Necesito beber algo

Where can I find a taxi? –¿Dónde puedo coger un taxi?

I’m lost, could you let me know where is the nearest phone? – Me he perdido, ¿Podría indicarme el teléfono más cercano?

Where can I change my clothes? - ¿Dónde puedo cambiarme de ropa?

I’m having a great time! – ¡Me lo estoy pasando muy bién!

Where is the nearest bar? - ¿Dónde esta el bar más cercano?

La Tomatina - celebrate

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