McGimpsey Q&A: How to move belongings abroad

McGimpsey Q&A: How to move belongings abroad

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Planning on moving to another country

We know that when it comes to the important things, it’s worth working with an expert. That’s why we invited guest bloggers McGimpseys Removals to answer your questions about moving goods abroad.


How much does it roughly cost in moving fees if you are moving abroad?

The cost of an international move varies in every case as there are so many factors that need to be considered. Factors can include the destination country, how much you plan to move, the service and transit time you require and whether there are any specialist items to be moved. 

Usually with an overseas move, the moving cost is paid for in advance. However, some clients are so focused on the house move that they forget to consider how their personal finances will be moved. That’s why we’re proud to partner with moneycorp; we are glad to be able to assist, knowing our clients will receive a premium service.


Are there certain items you can’t take with you?

Yes, what you can and can’t take depends on the items that your destination country prohibits. Clients also need consider that some of their appliances may not work in different electrical systems, or may require adapters. An example of this is when moving from the UK to the USA and vice versa.

Our dedicated overseas department have extensive knowledge in what you can and can’t bring to your destination and are more than happy to assist with any specific queries.


How would you recommend packing up our goods?

When shipping overseas, your consignment must be export-wrapped and packed for the protection of the goods. The shipping vessel can move substantially during transit and it therefore must be packed properly to reduce damage. Our crew are all academy trained in-house in overseas shipping and packing. Our materials are also purpose-bought specifically for shipping. We would highly recommend using our Platinum Plus service where our crew will pack your entire shipment. Containers can be owner-packed but you may face difficulties when it comes to taking out insurance providing total loss cover only.

It is also vital that a detailed inventory is taken for the consignment for customs and inspection purposes.


Why do I need insurance when you’re an expert reputable company?

Overseas insurance is a must. Whilst we take every precaution to ensure your items reach their destination safely and securely, there are some things outside of our control that can cause damage or loss to your entire consignment.  For example, a fire on board or a natural event such as a storm, may result in your container having to be thrown overboard. In addition, there is also a risk of accidents occurring when the container ship is loaded at the dock. Even if your container makes it to the destination in the event of other containers being thrown overboard, you are still at risk of the shipping line declaring a “General Average” when you may still be liable for part of the damaged cargo on board.

We are delighted to offer specific marine insurance policies to protect you and give you peace of mind. Our insurers specialise solely in removals and are able to ensure your policy protects you.


This content has been provided by McGimpseys Removals. McGimpseys works in partnership with moneycorp and they would be happy to help you with any enquiries you might have about your move. Find out more and get in touch at:, by emailing or calling 02891 456222.

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