moneycorp and Future Frontiers

moneycorp and Future Frontiers

moneycorp partners with Future Frontiers to encourage the next generation

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We are delighted to have teamed up with the charity Future Frontiers to offer children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to work closely with professional role models. The programme provides face-to-face career coaching, aimed at inspiring young people and helping them to create a career plan for where they want to be in the future.

Our new partnership with the award-winning education charity allows our experienced employees to volunteer as coaches. They then offer their professional guidance and encouragement with the aim to transform the students’ relationship with learning and empower them to achieve their goals.

For four consecutive weeks, 10 students from Lilian Bayliss Secondary school attended the moneycorp office as part of the Future Frontiers programme. They were each paired with a coach who would provide useful and relevant information and networks. One of the highlights of the programme was the students speaking with a professional expert in the field that they wanted to progress in.


Not only was the experience beneficial for the students, but volunteering gave our employees the chance to give back and connect to others. Head of Marketing at moneycorp, Kirsty Garner, who also took part in the programme, said ‘It was very rewarding to work with such humble young adults. moneycorp is working hard to support the local community and give back to the HQ’s neighbours.’

After a successful four weeks, we’re delighted that the programme will be returning in the new year and can’t wait to build connections and give back to the community in 2020.

From all the support provided by volunteers and businesses it helped achieve the following: 

  • 942 pupils were matched to a career coach and supported 300 more through online coaching across the summer term. 
  • Pupils’ knowledge of how to pursue their career goals increased by 37%
  • 93% of pupils agreed that their career coach guided them to discover an inspirational career.
  • 93% of pupils agreed that the programme has improved their attitude towards learning.

You can hear some of the future frontiers pupils speaking about the impact the coaching has had in their latest video, and read some of our favourite pupil quotes from the year here


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