Collaboration with clients during these difficult times

Collaboration with clients during these difficult times

How we are building relationships with customers during the pandemic

Businesses of all sizes, sectors, across every community, region and practically every country worldwide have been impacted by Covid-19. But it is often said that in the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity, and we are lucky to have seen many of our clients adapting their business models to care for their staff, communities and customers. Some swapped production lines to hand sanitiser, some produced PPE to aid the NHS with the shortage. We were privileged to part of this network, putting different clients in contact with one another to aid collaboration for good causes. For example, British knitwear firm Country of Origin launched Hande to manufacture hand sanitiser, and we put them in touch with plastic manufacturer BodyPak to produce the packaging.

It is this commitment to our clients to help not just with foreign exchange, but with other business ventures, that we are particularly proud of in these pressing times. We know it’s tricky for customers to keep an eye on daily market fluctuations, which is why we created our Business Resource Hub. Packed full of useful content and industry whitepapers with up-to-date guidance on Covid-19 and business sentiment, we not only created our own resource centre available to all, but also reached out to The British Chamber of Commerce and Chambers across the country, providing content for webinars and answers to FAQ’s on their websites surrounding the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

We wanted to really do our bit to help businesses weather the risks associated with financial markets, which is why we are thrilled to partner with Walpole, the official sector body for the UK’s finest luxury brands, promoting, protecting and developing British luxury worldwide. We support not just the 12 luxury brands chosen as the Brands of Tomorrow, but give support to all members, offering one-to-one mentoring and support of their payment needs, FX guidance and offering insights into how financial operations can impact profit margins.

Coronavirus for many businesses may be the biggest threat they’ll have ever faced, but it’s important to speak about it, and we value talking to our customers as often as we can, with our relationships will be all the more important and stronger post-lockdown.

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