Keep your Finances Secure

Keep your Finances Secure

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Moneycorp are committed to ensuring you are able to conduct your financial transactions safe in the knowledge that your money is secure. With this in mind we have created this security guidance.

Top tips for conducting secure transactions with Moneycorp:

  1. Email security

There is an increasing number of email compromise scams where the bank details are changed or fraudulent instructions are issued. To protect yourself against these scams never accept 3rd party banking details or changes to payment instructions from suppliers or business partners by email. Always re-confirm the information by phone or in person.

Criminals will often spoof emails to appear to come from your CEO or other senior management. Any unexpected “urgent” financial requests by email from your senior management should be treated with caution, and any payment instructions verified with the person sending the email, using a known contact number from your internal records.


  1. Online safety

Always enter our web address ( straight into your browser’s address bar. Do not use links from any emails or websites that you do not trust, and always be aware of possible phishing attempts purporting to be moneycorp or other financial institutions.

Install and maintain endpoint protection (e.g.; anti-virus software) on the personal and business devices used to log into your moneycorp account, or make sure your IT support provider does so. If you suspect your device or computer is infected or compromised in any way, do not use it to conduct your finances until it has been verified as clean.

Only download files or programs from the internet if they are from genuine trusted websites. Do not click on links, or open attachments in emails from suspicious or unknown senders.


  1. Secure passwords

Use password managers to protect your passwords on your phone or computer and never have them listed in an unprotected format such as a Word or Excel document. And never have them written down anywhere. If a criminal gains possession of any of these, they could use them to access your finances.

Contact us immediately if you receive a notification about unexpected changes to your mobile phone number or e-mail address on your moneycorp account. This could indicate that your moneycorp account has been compromised.