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What is the NZD to AUD exchange rate today?

The NZ dollar to Australian dollar exchange rate can fluctuate significantly throughout each day, directly impacting the value you receive when you convert NZD to AUD.

By keeping a close eye on the rate, you’ll be aware of any significant market movements and will be best equipped to make your international payment to Australia.

NZD to AUD Chart

What can affect the NZD to AUD exchange rate?

Occupying the same market and sharing similar relations with other countries around the world, the NZ dollar and Australian dollar are each affected by each other’s strengths or weaknesses.

Political developments within New Zealand and Australia are able to have a significant impact on investor faith in either currency, while economic releases and decisions by the National Bank of New Zealand and the National Australia Bank are also worth watching closely.


Convert NZD to AUD with great rates and low fees

With a Moneycorp account, you can rely on a wide range of tools designed to help you get the most out of your money when making a payment from New Zealand dollar to the Australian dollar.

You can even set up an exchange rate alert so you’re notified if your desired rate is achieved before you make your payment.

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