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What is the GBP to JPY exchange rate today?

The pound to yen rate can fluctuate greatly throughout each day, dependent on a number of economic, political and geopolitical factors.

By monitoring the GBP to JPY rate closely, you can stay aware of any market movements and ensure you know exactly how much your payment will cost when you send money to Japan.

GBP to JPY Chart

What can affect the GBP to JPY exchange rate?

Events within the British and Japanese parliaments hold a significant influence over the exchange rates of their relative currencies, as do the relations between the two countries.

The pound to Japanese yen rate can also be impacted by the economic releases from each country throughout the month, while decisions by the bank of England and Bank of Japan are also watched closely by investors and used as reference for the strength of each currency.


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From your online account, you can set an exchange rate alert for your desired GBP to JPY rate. That way, we’ll notify you if your ideal rate is achieved and you won’t miss out.

In addition, your Moneycorp account offers you great exchange rates, low transfer fees and expert guidance when you convert pounds to yen.

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