EUR & USD Exchange Rate

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EUR & USD Exchange Rate

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EUR to USD Chart

USD to EUR chart

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How to convert EUR & USD

A Moneycorp account allows you to exchange euros and dollars, as well as other popular currencies, to cater to your online money transfer needs. We offer no transfer fees online and provide 24/7 access whenever you need to make a payment.

To convert EUR to USD or USD to EUR, open an international payments account or sign up for a business account for your corporate FX needs.


What can affect the EUR & USD exchange rate?

The euro to dollar and dollar to euro exchange rate can be affected by factors felt on both sides of the Atlantic. Economic and political news and shifts are often the most influential on EUR to USD, as investors listen closely for signs of economic strength and security.

Investors are particularly sensitive to the voice of political leaders and influencers from within the EU and in the US. This can come in the form of a TV interview, political discussion or even a social media post, making the euro to dollar rate particularly unpredictable.

Because of this unpredictability, if you are looking to convert currency, whether you need to make a business payment or a personal transfer abroad, it is important to manage the international payment carefully. This means taking into account the factors likely to change the currency rate.

Euro currency facts

Name: Euro
Symbol: € cent: cent
Minor Unit: 1/100 = cent
Central Bank Rate: 0.00
Inflation: 0.10%
Nicknames: Ege (Finnish), Pavo (Spanish), Yoyo (Irish English), Teuro (German)


Freq Used: €1, €2, 5cent, 10cent, 20cent, 50cent
Rarely Used: 1cent, 2cent
Freq Used: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100
Rarely Used: €200, €500
Central Bank: European Central Bank 

Dollar currency facts


Name: Dollar
Symbol: $ cent: cent
Minor Unit: 1/100 = cent
Central Bank Rate: 0.00
Top USD Conversion: USD/EUR
Top USD Chart: USD/EUR Chart
Inflation: 2.87%
Nicknames: Bucks, Greenbacks, A Benjamin, A Rock




Coins: 1c, 5c,10c,25c,50c 1$
Freq Used: 25c
Rarely Used
Banknotes: 1$,5$,10$,20$,50$,100
Freq Used: 1$, $20, $100
Rarely Used
Central Bank: Federal Reserve System

We convert euro to USD with competitive rates and low fees

Moneycorp have been helping customers make the most of their money since 1979, helping them to buy property abroad, pay savings and pensions abroad and even send money to family and friends living abroad.

If you’re looking to make a large international payment between the United States and Europe, it’s important to manage those dollar to euro or euro to dollar payments carefully through foreign exchange markets.

Our low transaction fees and competitive rates typically make us cheaper than high-street banks. We are here to offer a quick and cost-effective method of exchanging EUR to USD or USD to EUR. Whatever the reason, sign up for an account with us today and rely on our specialist guidance when you navigate the foreign exchange market.

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