Covid Staff Form

You must complete this Covid screening declaration, every day you intend to go to the office (and prior to doing so).

The offices are COVID Secure and access is permitted only to those that have:

  1. Received management notification that they are to work in the office or want to do so (on that specific day), and
  2. A COVID-Secure allocated workstation, and
  3. Completed the Safe Office Working Training.

For those wishing to attend the office for another valid reason, you need to follow the process set out on the intranet (Office Access) and receive authority, before you complete the pre-attendance declaration.



Only click the CONFIRM button if you agree with all of the statements.
If you disagree with any of the statements, you cannot access Moneycorp premises today. Contact your line manager.
If you have symptoms of Covid, seek and follow medical advice.