Your Tempus account FAQs

We are pleased to announce that Moneycorp has launched a new FX and international payments platform for our clients in the United States. This upgraded platform will seamlessly handle all of your FX and international payment needs.

Due to the release of our new FX platform, our strategic alliance with Tempus, Inc. will end on March 31st. Therefore, your existing Moneycorp powered by Tempus account will soon be closing.

To ensure there is no disruption to your ongoing international payments, we are able to offer you a new Moneycorp account that offers you the same great service and is free to open. After March 31st, your Moneycorp powered by Tempus account will be officially closed and any funds received will be returned.

Please sign up for your new Moneycorp account before March 31st.

What if I have funds on my account?

You can either make an international payment for the full amount in your account, or we can return your money to the account from which you originally funded your moneycorp powered by Tempus account.

What will happen to my transaction history?

All transaction history is available online up to March 31, 2019. If you need to review your transaction history after March 31st, please call a member of the team on 800.239.2389 will provide the information you require.

Will I be able to use the same username and password on my new Moneycorp account?

To access the new FX platform, you will need to set up a new username and password on your new moneycorp account.

Why have you terminated your partnership with Tempus Inc.?

Our strategic alliance with Tempus provided the required state licensing for moneycorp to carry out business in the United States. With the release of our new FX and international payment platform, we are pleased to announce that moneycorp now has a license to conduct business throughout the USA on its own accord.

Will I still be sending my funds to the account(s) with Moneycorp (UMB etc?)

Once your new Moneycorp account is authorized, you will have access to new account details to send your money. Funds received into the UMB account after March 29th will not be credited to your account, but will instead be returned to you.

Will I still have the same client ID number with Moneycorp?

No, you will receive a new client ID upon opening your new moneycorp account.