GBP to USD Conversion Rate

GBP to USD Conversion Rate

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What is the GBP to USD exchange rate today?

A number of factors can have an effect on the pound to dollar rate, with political and economic developments among the main influences.

With the market open to change from events as minor as a tweet from a political leader, keeping track of the GBP to USD rate can have a huge impact on your currency exchange.

Dollar currency facts

Name: Dollar

Symbol: $ cent: cent

Minor Unit: 1/100 = cent

Central Bank Rate: 0.00

Top USD Conversion: USD/EUR

Top USD Chart: USD/EUR Chart

Inflation: 2.87%

Nicknames: Bucks, Greenbacks, A Benjamin, A Rock 


Coins: 1c, 5c,10c,25c,50c 1$

Freq Used: 25c

Rarely Used

Banknotes: 1$,5$,10$,20$,50$,100$

Freq Used: 1$, $20, $100

Rarely Used

Central Bank: Federal Reserve System


What can affect the pound to US dollar rate?

US and UK relations, as well as each country’s individual economic performances, can cause a swing one way or the other for the GBP to USD rate.

Data on both countries is released throughout each month, helping investors to gain a clearer idea of the stability of each economy. As a result, this can affect the pound to US dollar rate.


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