Regular International Payments

Hassle-free repeat transfers

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If you’re sending money abroad on a regular basis, perhaps for your mortgage, salary or pension, our simple Regular Payment Plans can help. It’s quick and easy to set up, then we’ll take care of the rest.


How much? How often? All done

Tell us how much you send or receive and how often, and we will schedule your Repeat Payment Plan to suit. We’ll take care of the currency exchange and get your money where you need it, when you need it. It’s that easy. 


Fix your exchange rates

You can also secure the exchange rate, giving you the absolute certainty of how much your mortgage abroad will cost or how much currency you’ll get for your pension. Agree your exchange rates up to two years in advance. 


We collect automatically

If your home currency is Pound Sterling we will collect your payment via Direct Debit making your regular payments fully automated. 


Our payments experts are just a call away

Whatever your reason for sending repeat payments abroad, our experts are on hand to help you choose the best service. 


Making the most of your international payments account

Make a payment

Make a payment

Whenever you need to send a one off payment for whatever reason, we can help you.

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Target a rate

Target a rate

Use our simple online and mobile tools and get free alerts when the exchange rate moves to where you want it.

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*Delivery times are measured in working days and may vary depending on the currency, destination and banks. Moroccan Dirham and Indian Rupee take 3 days and min 2 days, respectively, for express delivery.