Global payments and foreign exchange solutions

A dedicated partner in navigating the complexities of global trade

With over 45 years of market experience and cumulative industry knowledge, Moneycorp provides businesses, institutions and individuals with unparalleled reach to global markets and tailored solutions that are relevant to the unique needs of each client.
With two banking licences and operations across the entire value chain of the international payments and foreign exchange sectors, we provide our clients with the confidence to optimise their financial operations resiliently and help them to realise their growth ambitions.
*Figures represent entire Moneycorp Group for the year ended December 2022.


We recognise our responsibility to contribute positively to society. We strive to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the communities we work within.

Our responsibility

Performance highlights

Our robust performance underpins our financial strength and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, and highlights our adaptability to evolving market trends.

Trading volume (flow)*

FY21-22 growth 91%



FY21-22 growth 58%



FY21-22 growth 85%


Net Promoter Score**

2021: +26


For the year ended December 2022.
*Trading volumes represent flow measured as single leg transaction volume.
**Source: Customer survey.



Strong relationships and trust are at the heart of our culture.

Strong relationships and trust are at the heart of our culture.

“The world of cross-border payments can be complex. Clients need to have confidence that their payments partner understands their business priorities and can work with them to mitigate volatility and uncertainty." Velizar Tarashev, Chief Executive Officer

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