Travel money FAQs

Can I place an order for Home Delivery?

No, we no longer offer a Home Delivery service. Orders placed prior to 15th December 2016 will be delivered as normal. 

Do I get confirmation?

Yes. You will receive confirmation of your order by email.

What if the currency I need is not listed?

Unfortunately, if you can't find the currency you need, it means we won't be able to fulfil your order online at this time

Can I get mixed denominations?

Yes. We know how frustrating it can be to be given large notes when you really need some small change for a taxi or a tip when you arrive at your destination.

Is there a charge for using my credit card or debit card?

If you pay by credit card a 1.95% surcharge will be incurred. Payments by debit card will not incur this fee. 

What times are your branches open?

Our branches are open at times to suit you. Our airport branches are open before the first flights leave and don’t close until long after the last flights have landed. 

Similarly, our London branches also have extended opening hours. To find out the opening hours of a specific branch click here.

What is best for me?

Airport and Central London bureaux de change
Airport branches are suitable if you want to buy travel money quickly, conveniently and at competitive prices. Branches will have the currencies and denominations that you need and are open before the first flight leaves until long after the last flight has landed. London branches are also open convenient hours (some 24 hours).

We also offer an online order service for collection at our airport branches. Using this service saves you money through preferential exchange rates and no commission charges. Click here to find out more.

Currency home delivery
Our travel money delivery service is for those who still like to carry cash when they travel and enjoy the convenience of a home delivery service. To find out more click here.

Am I getting a good deal on my travel money?

Moneycorp offers a variety of travel money options, each providing very good value for money. To view the options available to you click here

How do I place an order on

Simply click here and follow the steps outlined.

What are the benefits of Premier Buyback?

Premier Buyback guarantees that we will buy back any unspent currency notes commission free and at the same rate you bought it at.

Can I change my order?

Because we do not take payment in advance, you are free to increase or decrease the amount you wish to purchase when you collect your currency from the specified location. Please note, if you'd like to increase the order amount when you come to collect your currency, the additional amount can only be issued at the online rate of exchange available on the day.

Can I cancel a confirmed order?

If you need to cancel an order then please email