Regular Payment Plan benefits

The benefits of making the switch to the RPP service are substantial. Here are some of the main ones:

1. Cost saving

As you can see from the examples of savings section, you can save on average £180 per annum by making the switch.

2. Fix the rate

In times of fluctuating exchange rates, the amount of your pension can change by as much as 10% in a month. Option 3 allows you to fix the exchange rate for up to 2 years (24 monthly instalments), so you are protected from adverse movements and you know exactly how much money you will receive each month.

3. Advanced Delivery Options

We know it can sometimes take an age for your currency to arrive. That is why RPP offers 2 speeds of delivery. The first, which is free (saving £2.60 per month over Xafinity!) takes 3 – 5 days to arrive in your account (depending on the location). The premium service (which costs just £5) uses SWIFT, which means the currency arrives in your account on the same day or the day after the money leaves Moneycorp. This flexibility puts you in complete control.

4. Flexible Frequencies

RPP does not only operate on a monthly basis. We offer plans ranging from weekly to annual frequency. Therefore, we can cater for your government pension paid 4-weekly, your Forces pension which is paid monthly, and your overseas property management expenses which are due quarterly.

5. Advanced Notification – No Surprises!

The RPP system automatically notifies you 10 days before the Direct Debit collection how much currency you will be receiving and how much sterling we will be collecting. Therefore, you never again need to wait for your statement to know how much money you will receive – you will always know beforehand.

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