While National Toothache Day might sound like a little bit of fun, it represents odontalgia, a potentially serious problem that can cause misery for so many.  With dental costs in the UK continuing to rise, your toothache might soon go away after treatment, but your bank balance won’t be feeling too healthy afterwards

Such high costs explain why 20,000 Brits head overseas for dental treatment every year, representing 40% of all outbound health tourism. The cost of a dental implant in the UK, for example, can reach up to £1,500, but that same implant would cost just £310 in India, £530 in Hungary and £580 in Poland.

There are the costs of flights and accommodation to take into account, but many specialist surgeries now provide high quality, low cost accommodation for patients and cheap flights are available to most major Eastern European cities in countries such as Poland, Estonia, Greece, Turkey and Macedonia. The expertise of specialist dentists and lack of a waiting list could also be well worth the trip.

Outside of Europe, both India and Thailand are establishing reputations as centres of excellence in dentistry. These centres are developed with international patients in mind, featuring English-speaking staff, luxury accommodation and the very latest medical and considerable technical skill. Both compete on the world stage with the latest cutting edge teeth treatments at affordable prices and use the exotic appeal of the location to add to the experience, encouraging patients to combine their treatment with the trip of a lifetime.        

When making an investment in dental treatment, it’s important to consider how much a currency exchange will impact that eventual transaction cost. If you are planning a range of treatments over time or have booked far in advance, one option may be to organise a ‘forward contract’ which can help to protect you from rate movements, (a forward contract may require a deposit). You can opt for a fixed exchange rate if it is favourable, or target a specific exchange rate if you have the time to do so. You also have the option to exchange and transfer money the same day for urgent payments – which may be important if you’re suffering from toothache and are keen to secure more urgent treatment.

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