At moneycorp, 50% of the workforce is female and so we’re delighted to have so many inspiring, professional women as our partners.

To celebrate this year, we put together a few profiles of some of the women of moneycorp – some you may know and others work behind the scenes to deliver our range of international payments services. To introduce our supplement, which you can read here, we have a guest blog by Zoe Dawson-Williams, Managing Director, Private International Payments at moneycorp...

Since my twenties I have worked in a range of businesses, big and small, across mobile and financial services and in the majority of cases my peer group has been almost exclusively male. However, at moneycorp, I have been delighted to see so many women in senior positions, and in other traditionally male dominated roles such as IT development. It’s certainly a more diverse picture than you can see elsewhere within financial services, but we recognise that there’s always more to do. We’re always looking for ways to recruit, train and retain more talented women across the business.

Celebrating women this International Women’s Day

Women may hold the secret to commercial success

Earlier this year we discovered that 50% of the team at moneycorp are women and I believe that it is part of the secret of our success. The received wisdom used to be that women had to behave like men to get ahead, but the opposite is true. Women should be encouraged to act more like themselves and to speak up, because they are often more naturally collaborative. This inclusive approach is what leads to successful partnerships and long term success, so we certainly believe that women are worth celebrating.

Inspiring women are everywhere

As a global international payments business, we had the opportunity to speak to women from all over the world who are part of the moneycorp team. While the stories vary depending on the role and the individual, one message that came through loud and clear is that inspiring women can be found all across the world, and in any profession. I am really proud to be part of such an inspiring, motivated and diverse team.

We put this overview together for International Women’s Day 2018 and to encourage more women to join our business in the future. The advice and insight provided in these interviews is something that lasts beyond a single awareness day, however. Women have come a long way and there is still further to go, but it’s clear that if we all work together, anything is possible.

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