International Women's Day 2021

International Women's Day 2021

The theme for IWD 2021 is Choose To Challenge

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We asked colleagues across moneycorp what their views are on IWD, how they choose to challenge and what advice they'd give to their peers

Larissa Hirst, Head of Established Marketing & Communications - “I think it’s important we always challenge the status quo. Seeing successful women, such as Whitney Wolfe Herd, launch Bumble’s IPO last month with her baby in hand was incredibly inspirational and stood out because of how different it was to watch. Being a female leader is all about giving other women the space and opportunity to grow. I’ve heard the phrase “Surround yourself with women who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities”, and I really try and follow that mantra myself.

"I think moneycorp is a great company in financial services when it comes to gender equality. There are many women in senior management positions and I think their profiles and opportunities are growing more and more. There’s always room for improvement, but it’s a company I’m proud to work in and when I am recruiting, I always tell candidates about the number of inspirational women I work with.”


Monique Fivaz, International Payments Event Manager - “Over the years, International Women’s Day has gained more and more traction, which is great, but complete equality is still to be achieved. This day has grown in meaning to me, particularly for the connection it offers, and I am fortunate to be surrounded by women and men alike who value the meaning behind it.

"Moving from my home country of South Africa to England in 2016 meant leaving behind my lifelong support structure to start afresh, and what a journey it’s been. International Women’s Day empowers me to appreciate a fundamental element of myself that I am proud of - simply being a woman. Today, I join with all the women of the world in celebrating the many brave and fantastic women that have gone before me, as well as the unapologetically feminine and strong women I now get to learn from."


Alexander Stead, Website Manager - “I strongly believe in challenging the status quo and reflecting on how we can make the workplace better for everyone. I think moneycorp does pretty well with advocating for the advancement of women to positions of leadership, and there are a number of women in key management positions, but it’s still far from a 50%-50% balance. In financial services, there are remnants of a “Boys’ club” culture, but I know that moneycorp has put more emphasis on hiring and promoting women in those areas, which is the way to drive positive change.

"I understand that women may feel like they need to be more assertive to feel listened and equal to their male peers because the classic depiction of a bossy woman vs an assertive man is still an issue in many organisations. As a man, being aware that gender discrimination may be happening, even sub-consciously, is important. I tend to think that I‘m someone who makes my colleagues feel at ease when they interact with me, no matter which gender they are.”


Nasima Ali, Account Manager - “If I could give one piece of advice to my younger self it would be this: Change is the only constant. Don’t fight it, don’t wait till you have a choice. Make changes on your own terms, that way you will always be prepared.”


Kirsty Garner, Marketing Director - “Advice I would offer to other women would be to choose to challenge yourself to not let imposter syndrome take over. You are good enough, it’s your challenge to actually believe it.”


Lee McDarby, CEO, UK International Payments - “As a brother to two sisters and a father to a young daughter, I find it truly inspiring to see strong women excelling within moneycorp at every level and within other organisations, too. During International Women’s Day 2021 we are choosing to challenge by continuing to break down walls, smash through ceilings and not accept the status quo. We all still have a long way down the road to equality to travel but I find the steps we have taken, and the brave conversations we are having, are movements in the right direction.”


Krissy Rogero, Dealing Manager - “The best advice I can give to women who are starting out in their career is this: When the going gets tough - and trust me, it will - remember why you started in the first place. Trust the process. Always remain hard working, consistent and reliable because you never know when an opportunity to get ahead will present itself. If I could talk to my younger self, I would tell her, ‘You’ve got this, Krissy. Always have, always will.’”


Alana Harvey, Group Statutory Accountant  - “After years of self-doubt, I chose to pursue a part-time commitment to the military forces alongside my full-time professional career, and I’m so glad I did. I ended up outperforming my entire intake, which was 95% male, and completing my training as top soldier. I learned that what I may have lacked in physical strength was quickly compensated for by other qualities, such as resilience, empathy and positivity, which many of my male counterparts were lacking. My biggest regret is not choosing to challenge this stigma and pursuing what I wanted to do earlier. So, if I could offer some words of wisdom to women starting their career: Ignore the self-doubt, challenge the status quo, and choose to pursue the career path that you want.”


Max Huseyin, Account Manager - “I’ve recently joined moneycorp and it’s extremely positive to be part of a business with a strong female leadership presence from COO level down. With this presence of strong female leaders, particularly in my team, I’d certainly feel confident standing up to gender-related issues as they arose. Thankfully, I haven’t encountered any so far.”


Monica Bermudez, Marketing Communications Manager - “Having the opportunity to be a female leader in today’s society means so much. Not only are we breaking barriers for the women of our generation, but also, for generations to come as young girls look to us as an example of what their future could look like.”


Emma Alley, Acting COO - “A few empowering lessons I have learnt as a woman in business are: Don’t let one person’s perception of you define you. Don’t let stereotypes determine your choice in career; diversity can be to your advantage. Don’t let the judgement of someone, even if you respect them, result in you changing your beliefs or who you are. People can be wrong. And lastly, one thing I would say to my younger self would be: ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself. A lifetime is a long time to try and try again.’”


Tanya Uniacke, Head of UK Origination - “I find that challenging gender inequality is less about challenging other people and more an inner battle to constantly remind yourself that you’re better than the little negative person within tells you are. So on that note, I choose to challenge myself. I challenge the instinct to instantly believe the bad stuff and disregard the good. Confidence in your own ability can only come from within, and if you learn to nourish it, you will succeed.”


Dani Reeves, HR Administrator - “It’s powerful being able to acknowledge, support and celebrate other women’s achievements. It builds a confidence we didn’t know we needed and reminds us we can go further in our careers. The theme ‘choose to challenge’ is a reminder to us all that each day we choose our actions, so every challenge no matter how small can make a big difference in the long run.”


Vineela Valmiki, CRM Support Developer - “Some words of wisdom for women starting a career in business: Don’t spend your time, try to invest your time.”


Amanda Taylor, Group Management Accountant - "Choose to challenge Gallantry. In this day and age there is no logical rationale for its existence. Instead choose politeness, its genderless."

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