Whitepaper: Innovation and Future Trends in Beauty Brands

Whitepaper: Innovation and Future Trends in Beauty Brands



Embracing a global opportunity to help the planet

The recent appearance of renowned naturalist David Attenborough at the Glastonbury festival to highlight the benefit of ditching plastic is the most recent reminder of the urgency of environmental initiatives. The work of protecting the planet isn’t just for individuals switching to reusable containers and recycling, companies are under increasing consumer pressure to deliver environmental products and services.

Innovation in the beauty industry

Consumer demand, together with the importance of the work is driving companies to innovate to produce environmentally friendly beauty products. In the beauty industry, plastic packaging isn’t the only issue. The impact of microbeads in certain products as well as the need for sustainable resources and organic alternatives are all issues that are causing a significant change in the industry. This presents a significant opportunity for environmentally friendly companies to expand into new markets overseas.

Ethical consumption means ethical companies

Many consumers are concerned about issues beyond environmental concerns and demand that companies operate in ethical ways. This can be how suppliers are supported, the overall business network of the organisation including partners. As with environmental concerns, this change in consumer priorities presents an opportunity for companies to innovate and expand across the globe to meet demand.

Find out more about the rise of mindful beauty

Read our white paper to find out what the trends of environmental and ethical considerations by consumers mean for beauty companies. We also explore the global opportunities that come with embracing this new, more mindful way of working.


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Whitepaper: Innovation and future trends in Beauty Brands

Whitepaper: Innovation and future trends in Beauty Brands

Learn why conscious consumers are the driving force behind the beauty market growth.

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