Complete guide to managing investments and income overseas

Complete guide to managing investments and income overseas

Understanding risk currency fluctuations pose to your overseas income.

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While the FX market is impossible to predict or control, there are ways to manage the risk of currency transactions which helps you to protect the value of your assets and earnings and limit your exposure to that risk.


If you have income or expenditure from overseas, you will be aware that fluctuations in the currency market can have an impact on the value of your funds.

In our guide, written by Trevor Charnley, Head of Client Sales and Operations, we take a look at how to make the most of your overseas investments and income while avoiding FX risk, including:

  • Understanding risk in cross-currency transactions
  • Hedging against risk in currency remuneration
  • Overseas shares and dividends
  • Split asset investment Buying, selling and maintaining property overseas
  • Investing in a managed lifestyle property overseas
  • Shopping abroad
  • Buying and maintaining a yacht
  • Tools to manage your foreign exchange exposure and international payments

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