moneycorp - Virtual Desktop Setup Instructions

moneycorp - Virtual Desktop Setup Instructions


Note this document is for those staff who have been provided with access to remote IT services. The document includes instructions for initial setup of the virtual desktop solution and access instructions.

Document Purpose: This document provides the end-to-end instructions for accessing a Virtual Moneycorp Desktop in a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity situation. The chosen solution utilises Amazon’s Workspaces virtual desktop offering, allowing access to internal Moneycorp services from anywhere in the world and from a wide selection of client devices (Mac/Windows etc.).


1) Please ensure you complete the below instructions on your personal/company laptop or desktop.

Note: it will not work on your mobile phone. Tablet version is available, however not recommended.


2) In your internet browser please locate the Amazon WorkSpaces Client for your chosen device using this link:

3) Find the correct Amazon Workspaces client, matching your laptop/PC Operating System ( i.e Window MacOSx ).


4) Start the download of the Amazon Workspaces application


5) Once the application is downloaded please follow the install steps:

  • Start the Setup Wizard as below and wait until it verifies your laptop/PC specifications. Please then select Next.


  • Select ''Just for you option''- no administrator credentials are required to install this method.


  • Leave the settings as default and press next.

  • Once the installation is completed, please select Finish.


6) Once the installation is completed, launch the client


7) Please enter the following registration code: wsdub+PR8EL8 and select Register.


8) Please enter your Moneycorp username and your password as normal.


9) In the MFA Code box, enter the 8 digit code generated by the RSA app on your phone as normal and select Sign In. If you have not already been supplied with an RSA token, please contact the IT Helpdesk.


10) Please allow up-to 5 minutes for the Virtual desktop to load initially. If the load fails, please retry. Future attempts to connect will be substantially quicker (~30secs), it is only the initial desktop creation that takes 5mins.


11) You should now have full access to all standard Moneycorp applications (OMNI, CRM, BOS360, Outlook, Files/Folders). If a particular application is not available, please log a ticket with the IT Helpdesk to complete any additional individual application installations.