Buying property in the USA

If you’re planning on buying a property in the USA, you’ll need to pay for it in dollars. And when doing this it’s important to be aware of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

The currency market can be extremely volatile, with exchange rates changing by the second. In fact, movements of 10% or more – in a short space of time – are not uncommon. And this market volatility could see you pay more than you expected to.

But as experts in foreign exchange and international money transfers, there are a number of ways we can help you avoid such a scenario and get you more for your money.

  • Our market experts are always on hand to secure you the best exchange rates available.
  • We offer a variety of tools to help protect you from the uncertainty of the currency markets.
  • Your Account Manager will help ensure you always trade at the most favourable time to get the best deal.
  • We use the most efficient, reliable and secure payment methods in the industry.
  • Transfers can be arranged in seconds, on the phone, online or even automated by Direct Debit. 



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