Meet the team

Meet the Moneycorp team, here to help with all your foreign currency and international payments needs.

Kelly Cutchin, Country Manager
Kelly Cutchin was born, raised and has spent the majority of her life living in Orlando Florida. Read more

Juliana Scolari, Account Manager
Juliana Scolari joined the Moneycorp team in 2010 as an Account Manager and runs Moneycorp's unique Brazilian Real service. Read more

Darren Connor, Account Manager
In February 2012 he joined the USA team in Orlando, Florida where he became an Account Manager. His duties include assisting realtors or financial advisors and their clients with currency exchange and transfers. Read more

Liga Root, Sales Executive
Joined the Moneycorp team in December 2012 as a Sales Executive for the Brazilian Team. Ligia is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Read more

Tiffany Hartmann, Sales Executive
Joined the Moneycorp team in January 2013 as a Sales Executive for the Florida Office. Tiffany is now responsible for speaking with potential clients worldwide and educating them on Moneycorp's currency exchange and transfer services. Read more

Mariana Machado, Sales Executive
Mariana Machado was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and obtained her Master's degree in Business Administration. Read more

Brian Bernal, Account Manager
Brian is a native Floridian. He has a Bachelors degree in Finance and Financial Markets from the University of Central Florida. Read more

Jacqueline Sales, Sales Executive
Jacqueline Sales joined Moneycorp in February 2014 as a Sales Executive for the Brazilian Team. Read more


Moneycorp Inc is a subsidiary of TTT Moneycorp Limited. All currency transactions and international payments are facilitated by TTT Moneycorp Limited