Case Studies

We help millions of clients every year with their foreign exchange and international payment requirements. Here’s what just a few of our satisfied business customers have to say about us.

Printing Technology
| Exporting
Global Inkjet Systems Ltd

“Our business largely exports to European and worldwide destinations, but mainly receives supplies from within the UK. We receive foreign payments into our Moneycorp currency accounts and transfer the funds into GBP at very competitive rates. It has been a very simple system to use. Forex is done online. Rates are completely visible and, so long as you are within the trading day, transfers are done instantly or they can be booked for another date.

Transfers to our own bank and payments to suppliers can be made all from the Moneycorp accounts at a very reasonable charge compared to other High Street banks.”

“We have enjoyed substantial savings on exchange for both Euros and Dollars since working with Moneycorp in spring 2010”

Louise Johnson-Chapman

| Import frozen fruits and vegetables
Best Foods Ltd

“Moneycorp offers an extensive line of products and specialises in FSA Regulated Option products. We have been trading with Moneycorp for a long while and they continue to present innovative, competitive strategies which would suit our specific requirement.

The relationship we have with our Account Manager and Personal Dealer is 10/10 as they understand our needs inside out. They are proactive in assisting us by structuring our Options which is particularly helpful as the PLN is not always easy and straightforward.”

“Quite a lot! Firstly, their expert knowledge of the FX market is outstanding. Not only do they provide me with relevant, important information on the general currencies (GBP/USD, EUR/USD) they also have expert knowledge on the Polish currency (PLN) and have advised me well with their in-depth knowledge.

Secondly, they are fantastic with time management and they understand our business in terms of when we need to book trades. Their expertise on the PLN combined with their knowledge of our company makes the trades highly efficient and adds value to our bottom line.”

Darlusz Suchcicki
Head of Finance

Home furnishings
| Importing home furnishings (textiles) for UK
Blue Canyon Ltd

"Using Moneycorp has helped us to counteract currency fluctuations and to plan our importing requirements more effectively"

"Moneycorp has helped us greatly - we used to buy our currency for our bank. Since using Moneycorp, we receive better rates, as much much better service and their flexibility when making international payments across the world means that they are a 'one-stop shop' for us, catering for all our needs and fulfilling all our requirements."

Waheed Qadir
Managing Director