Moving Abroad

Emigrating to a new country is a life-changing experience and we’ll help you start out with as much money as possible.

By helping you trade at the right time, and by offering more favourable rates than available elsewhere, you’ll get more foreign currency for your money.

Once abroad you may also need to make regular international payments, such as transferring your pension from the UK. And we can take care of these transfers as well.

Let us take care of your emigration payments

  • We will offer you a better exchange rate compared with your bank.
  • Ability to fix exchange rates for up to two years, helping protect you from the uncertainty of the currency markets.
  • No cost or obligation to open an Account.
  • We use only the most efficient, reliable and secure payment methods.
  • Expert guidance from your own dedicated Account Manager.
  • Transfers can be arranged in seconds, online, over the phone, or even automated by Direct Debit.